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Experiences & Events

No set up fee and the first event is completely FREE. Following that there will be a fee in relation to the number of people using the App and how long the event runs for. 

Shops - Prizes

Prizer is FREE to use for all shops. We offer an optional  'premium' account unlocking all custom features and extra ways to promotion for your shop/business.


A 4.5%  fee is applied to purchases made through Prizer. What does this mean? If a company has set up an experience/event or incentive that requires their clients to pay then Prizer will take a 4.5% fee to each transaction.


White label App

Customise and re-brand the Prizer app for your company event using your own logo, company colours and unique features to fit your business event. The fee is dependant on the size of the company and event. 

No set up fee for Company organisation using Prizer

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