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Prizer Events/Experiences provides new, fun and engaging ways for its players to win tickets and incentives for specialist experiences and events whilst driving extra footfall to various locations, events & experiences....


Host multiple prize draws at your event. Prizer can help sell extra tickets to events and unique experiences.

Keep track of your entries and monitor various data and feedback quickly and easily.

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Location incentives

Location - Prizer can help drive footfall to specific locations. Players can follow 'location finder' paths to give an extra fun and unique feature for your event!

Hidden Prizes - Prizer can hide Prizes at various points and places in your event. This is a useful tool to encourage users to different areas. Helping engagement in your event and making it one to remember!

Incentives - Prizer can provide extra discounts and incentives to boost customer engagement at events and unique experiences. 

What is Prizer 1

Create and customise Experiences/Events & Incentives.

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